Core Strength and Your Spine

Core Strength and Your Spine

There is a lot of talk these days referencing core strength. To many individuals this is an unfamiliar term. The core of your body entails the deep abdominal and lower back muscles that attach to the spine and pelvis. This region is very important for day to day activity as it is the major player in posture, stability and balance.

The abdominals and lower back muscles work together to support the spine when we do activities such as sitting, standing, bending or lifting. This core area is the body’s center of power. To be able to perform any of these activities properly, it is important to work on developing a strong core. Such exercises utilizing a stability ball or wobble board will be key in helping to strengthen these muscle groups.

It is important to understand that having a strong core will help protect against injury or speed up injury recovery. Any patient having low back pain, whether due to lifting improperly, an auto accident or just from moving wrong, I will suggest core strengthening exercises. This will help in the recovery period and can be done with little to know equipment.

If you have questions concerning strengthening your core or if your injury can be helped with stability exercises please contact us.

Dr Jaci Cost

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